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Electroloom – World’s First 3D printer for Clothes

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Make your clothing outfit in your living room with this clothing 3D Printer.

Electroloom, is a prototype 3D printer that uses an electrospinning technique to turn a liquid (currently a custom polyster/cotton blend) into a seamless fabric — spraying the solution onto a shaped mold to create a garment without the need for assembling via stitching.

electroloom stitching

electroloom liquid

A new 3-D printer for apparel can create a simple prototype of a tank top, with no sewing skills or cotton field required. The process looks a little like a sci-fi cotton candy machine, spinning fibers from electrically charged liquid that adheres into fabric within the space of a few minutes.

“Electroloom could potentially reduce the amount of fabric waste in the garment industry.”



Electroloom founder Joseph White Says, “here’s a lot of waste in the textile industry. Electroloom has the potential to reduce the impact of this waste in a variety of ways. We’re still in such an early stage, however, so a lot of this is still speculation for us.There are fascinating ideas around dramatically reducing the amount of waste that goes into the fabric-manufacturing process because we’re able to go from raw material directly to finished good.”


Field Guided Fabrication, whereby just following three steps – designing a mold in CAD, put it in the Electrloom and watch it work its magic! – and anyone can design and make items, translating as less waste fabric in the long run.

electroloom steps

A lot of people talk about this idea, and it’s definitely an exciting one. I think our big vision is one that includes the freedom for anyone to design clothing and share it with the world.

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