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Diabeto — Diabetes Monitoring Device Sync Glucometers with Smartphone

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A new Diabetes Monitoring hardware device called Diabeto, which wirelessly transmits blood glucose readings from a glucometer into a smartphone. These readings can then be easily analyzed with the help of a smartphone application. The entire system is cloud based and the readings are securely stored and can be accessed by the physician/endocrinologist for their expert opinion.

How Diabeto Works

The Diabeto application is designed intuitively and is accessible. People with visual impairment, hearing impairment, children and even senior citizens can use the application with ease. With the application, one can track mood, medication (Insulin intake), physical activity and even carbohydrate intake. The user can then relate these factors with their blood glucose levels.

Diabeto IR adapter

Accuchek range of Glucometers, they have designed another cool piece of hardware to transmit the readings from the Glucometer via Infra Red protocol. The Diabeto IR adapter plugs into Diabeto birdie device and then transmits the readings wirelessly to the Diabeto mobile application. And also, they have Diabeto with USB supports.

diabeto infra deviceCurrently, they are compatible with  more than 25 Glucometers which are popularly available all over the world.

diabeto glucometers

Diabeto has Android and iOS application. Recently, they have launched Android app in the play store. Check below for the link. Soon, they will launch other app also. Cost of the diabeto is approximately around 2,500 INR.

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