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Corner, find and book your next flight the easy way

Posted in Mobile/Tablet, and Technology

If you are looking for a really simple way to research and book flights, then check out Corner. Recently updated to include U.S. based flights, Corner provides an easy way to look at available airfares, adjust travel dates, and book your flight from within the app.


Corner features

After entering your departure airport and travel dates, Corner will display a list of colorful destination options. Each has a price, whether or not it is non-stop, and even the current temperature for that location. You can then quickly sort alphabetically, by weather, flight duration, or price. Once you choose your destination, you will see the least expensive option, but you can see more available flights with a tap.


Corner app options

You can easily change your travel dates from the main planning screen or from the destination area. You can review a color-coded calendar for different pricing as well. Once you have picked your flight, book it directly from within the app by adding the passengers and payment information.


Corner has a smooth interface with very simple navigation. Swiping through your various flight options and being able to sort them different ways are both useful features. There are additional helpful details per flight as well such as how many seats are still available and the baggage weight limit and price.

Corner is designed for iPhone and available for free on the App Store.

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