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Connected cars will be commonplace before 2020

Posted in connected cars, and IOT

By 2020, The Connected Car will be sophisticated enough to configure itself to a driver and other occupants. Fifty-seven percent believe vehicle “social networks” would be in place where vehicles would communicate with each other, allowing vehicles to share not only traffic or weather conditions, but information specific to a given automaker.

For instance, if the Connected Car was experiencing some type of problem not recognized before, it could communicate with other vehicles of the same brand to seek help on what the issue might be.

Constant real time analytic capabilities will help the Connected Car identify and locate issues, schedule fixes and even help other vehicles with similar problems with minimal impact to the driver.

connected car

Like other smart devices, the Connected Car will become an integrated, connected component in the Internet of Things (IoT). It will collect and use information from multiple sources concerning traffic, mobility, weather and other events associated with moving around: details about driving conditions, as well as sensor-based and location-based information for ancillary industries, such as medical, insurance and retail.

Moreover, 55% said highly automated driving, where the Connected Car recognizes its limitations and calls driver to take control, if needed, allowing the driver to perform some non-driving tasks in the meantime, would also be introduced and widely available by 2020.

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