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C#/.Net Projects – Security scan issue

Posted in Education, and WhoCodeFirst

Currently, I have added the build step in the TeamCity pipeline and scanned the C#/.Net projects using Synk security scan. After completing the build the ‘Snyk Security Report’ was not loaded properly.

I’m getting the following message in the TeamCity UI.

Artifact does not exist: ‘snyk_report.html’ in build #28 {build id=240, buildTypeId=ProjectName_Build}

The following message getting from the ‘report.output’. The file was automatically generated after the TeamCity build was complete.

The source provided is not a valid json! Please validate that the input provided to the CLI is an actual JSONTip: To find more information, try running snyk-to-html in debug mode by appending to the CLI the -d parameterError running snyk-to-html. Please check you are providing the correct parameters. Is the issue persists contact

Can anyone have experience with this issue. Can you please provide your idea to resolve this issue?

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