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BOB : Re-inventing the Glasses Case

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BOB is a case for your glasses and devices. It is designed to effortlessly fit into a modern digital world. 50% of the population wear glasses and we nearly all wear sun glasses.


BOB team decided to design a case that can do more. BOB will be a home for your glasses, tablet, phone, keys, wallet and all the other bits ‘n’ bobs you carry around. Unlike all other cases before it, BOB comes to life when the glasses are removed.



Designed to fit effortlessly into a modern digital world, BOB takes the habit of leaving your phone out beside you when sitting down and creates a convenient and portable “hub” where you can stay up to date. In fact, BOB was designed to cut down on all of the desk mess created when ridding our pockets of the usual bulky items: keys, pens, wallet and notes by collecting it on one place and hiding it behind your screen. Devices can be set at different angles to suit writing, typing or watching TV and both phone and tablet can be held at the same time.

Designed by Bang Creations, BOB uses strong ABS plastic with a soft satin finish and rounded corners. Subtle features such as the magnetic clasps and soft fabric inlay create a feeling of care and quality.







It can be your ‘second’ screen. When open BOB can hold your tablet and phone together. BOB can display your notes, allow you to test an app prototype or even act as a digital sketching easel. BOB will hide all your desk mess!


It can go home with you too. BOB is handy especially when you use reading glasses to enjoy the latest novel or your favourite recipe. It is great storage for all your bit ’n’ bobs on the bedside table.



On the go, BOB really comes into play. It’s for all those times you wish you had something to hold and display your device for you – instead of your hands! Listen to music on the beach, lay in the park whilst reading your kindle, catch up on your favourite programmes in bed and share ideas effortlessly.

BOB has taken that habit of getting in and dumping everything from your pockets onto your desk, bedside table or kitchen counter and created an organiser for all of that desk mess. Made from strong but light ABS plastic with rounded corners and satin finish, BOB is as stylish as the devices he displays. The protective fabric inlay cushions your lenses whilst the subtle magnetic clasps hold the case securely closed.’

You can Pre-order from KickStarter Campaign.

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