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BLIPS Thin Microscopy Lens For Your Smartphones

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BLIPS Thin Microscopy Lens For Your Smartphones — an ultra portable and very affordable set of mini lenses which turn your devices into photo digital microscopes in seconds!

BLIPS Thin Microscopy Lens For Your Smartphones BLIPS Thin Microscopy Lens For Your Smartphones

BLIPS ULTRA LENS offer it with Lab Kit(there are NEW pledges live now). The new ULTRA Kits contain, in addition to the Micro and Macro lenses a new one with yet the highest level of magnification, twice as powerful as the Micro Lens. You can see below some samples of the new ULTRA lens, they’re pretty impressive for such a small, flexible and portable tool.

The BLIPS kit is for the amateur photographer or even the professional that wants to study things under microscope out in the field. This little tool doesn’t require a bulky phone case either, simply stick the reusable lens on the camera and you are good to go! Check out the video below to learn a little more about what it can do.

For as cheap as these kits are, you can get some incredible images with them, which makes it the perfect impulse buy or gift for any science lover. Smartphone cameras have gotten so good over the years that you can capture professional-grade images with just the tap of a screen. If you want to see a few more of some of the incredible images that can be captured with these cheap lenses, check out the Kickstarter page here.


BLIPS Thin Microscopy Lens For Your SmartphonesBLIPS Thin Microscopy Lens For Your Smartphones

It can be used like a high power magnification lens for precision works or for several other applications where an enhanced electronic eye is desired, from technical uses to sheer fun. For example, it can be used for quality control of soldering works, on cloth, seams, paints or other manufactured items. Needle and thread insertion, self-examination of moles, skin, or nails, children’s hair inspections for head lice/nits, insects or spiders observation, checking of parasites on leaves, etc.

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