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BETTER RE — Upcycling Power Pack reusing smartphone batteries

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better re ipad

BETTER RE – an Upcycling Power Pack to ‘BETTER REuse’ your old smartphone batteries, with infinite lifespan and expandable capacity.

betterre steps

The idea is that the Better Re will repurpose the battery from your old smartphone (so long as it’s of the removeable sort) into an external power source for your phone, tablet and from the looks of it, even your laptop.

better re

BETTER RE is ready to charge!

How to clip your battery in:
Check your battery’s type (Type A or B).
Move your battery side to side to place the electrodes in the right position.
Plus(+) with plus, and minus(-) with minus!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.05.57 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.06.02 PM

How to check if your battery fits BETTER RE:

Want to make sure your smartphone battery fits BETTER RE? It’s easy!

1. Draw a 62.5mm x 78.8mm box on a piece of paper.
2. From the top right corner, measure 8.5mm to the left and mark a dot; this is where the first pin(+) exists.
3. Now mark the second pin(-), 5mm to the left from the first pin. And again, the third pin(+) is 5mm away to the left from the second one. Then, we’re done!
Put your battery on the drawing, with the right electrodes matched. If your battery fits in the box, it will fit BETTER RE as well!

better re batteries

Link : BetterRe

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