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New Misfit Beddit Sleep Tracker Shows Insights from Sleep Habits

Posted in Android Application, IOS, and Mobile/Tablet

beddit smartwatch app

Beddit Sleep Tracker is a band to be placed under the sheets and is nothing more than a microphone ultra sensitive, able to detect your breathing, heartbeat and all movements performed in an attempt to get to sleep and during the various stages of sleep . Thanks to an application available for Android and iOS you can aggregate the data and obtain a judgment on the quality of your sleep.
beddit sleep tracker

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Through the application you can know all the details of your sleep and get some suggestions for improving the overall score and, consequently, the quality of your sleep. For iPhone owners note is the ability to view the information also on Apple Watch.


Beddit Sleep Tracker is available in the Apple store and at some online retailers at a price of $ 149, about 135 Euros and could take the lead to a new set of accessories dedicated to comprehensively improve the quality of our lives.

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