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Auxy Music Making iOS App

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Auxy music making iOS app — Latest version of this free iOS app features a simple interface that’s easy enough to learn in minutes, so you can compose, arrange and export tracks wherever you are.

Auxy Muisc Making iOS app

It has a small selection of drum and synth instruments, tweak them by adjusting parameters like delay, reverb and shape, and then draw notes by tapping on squares in a grid.

‘The Stockholm, Sweden-based company behind Auxy hopes that the app’s simplified interface will draw users in at the onset. Designer Jonas Ahlen says that there are plans to add more features like the ones mentioned above, but notes that the challenge for his team lies in incorporating additional functionality without complicating the user’s workflow.’

The composition area lets you create as many sequences as you need per instrument, and you can tap each of them to hear what they sound like. You can create multiple ‘scenes’ in which you set up various combinations of sequences, so you can have separate passages like a verse and chorus.

Auxy can then render your project and export a WAV file to your cloud storage account or upload the track on Auxy’s server and give you a link to share it with your followers.

> iOS app of Auxy


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