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Meet Arrow, a new Android app from the Microsoft Garage

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Microsoft’s Android Launcher ‘Arrow’ is now available via Google Play store. The launcher is aimed at making the apps more streamlined and easier for users to quickly access the apps they regularly use.

arrow launcher

Key features of the launcher include automatic arrangement of the apps based on usage, easy access to preferred  contacts and easy shuffling between apps such as photos, app installs and file download.

arrow auto_arrange

The Arrow launcher also lets you re-arrange pages, show/hide a specific page, and set a particular page as your home page. One of the most interesting aspects of the Arrow launcher is that it is said to be lightweight and optimized for battery life.

The current version of the Arrow, v1.0.0.17608, is 4.3MB in size and is compatible with the smartphones running Android v4.0.3 and up. Microsoft’s Arrow launcher for Android smartphone clearly indicates the company’s efforts to build cross-platform services, allowing non-Windows users to use Microsoft products on the platform they are used to. Download the app from below link.

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