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Alike WristBand: Social Networking Wearable

Posted in Technology

Alike is a wearable device that brings the power of social networks to where it matters most, the physical world. The unique technology allows crowds to connect in real life, bringing people together like never before. Simply strap the gadget to your wrist or cocktail and it will flash green or red to tell you who to chat up and trade business cards with.

Alike Band

So before a business event, conference, or other networking gathering, users can go to and enter their personal information. List your interests and other relevant background information, and upon arrival attendees are given a wristband that contains your uploaded profile.

alike social wearable

Searches everyone else in the room wearing a similar device and notifies you when it found someone who you should talk to, or someone that you should avoid by glowing green or red.

While at your event, simply walk by others and see if your profiles align. If they do, your device will turn green. If not, it will light up red. You can then choose to store all new connections online to create a complete cataloged database of your expanded network.

Alike is trying to bridge the gap between physical and digital connections, letting you meet people without the distractions of other tech devices, and giving you common ground on which to start your conversations.

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