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Alcatel d’oh 360 Camera: No battery or Bluetooth connectivity

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Alcatel d’oh 360 Camera — Alcatel showed an 360 Camera called d’oh at IFA 2016.

Alcatel d'oh 360 Camera

The plug and play Alcatel 360 Camera, meanwhile, comes without a battery or Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected into smartphone via a micro-USB cable, allowing users to instantly shoot video in 360 degrees. It’s available in two models – a rectangular model, about half the size of a credit card, and a ball-shaped one, about the size of a coin – both with a dual 210-degree fisheye lens. Users can capture videos or 360-degree photos video and then instantly preview and share the content on their smartphones.


Alcatel d'oh 360 camera
Use phone processing, power & storage via USB

But it has some potential drawbacks as well — namely, you need both hands to use it; one to hold the phone, and the other to hold the camera, preferably above your head.

Alcatel partnered with 360-degree camera makers 360fly, ALLie Camera, Arashi Vision (Insta 360 4K) and Primesom (Nico360) to add a range of diverse features to the device. No pricing or availability details were provided. It should be in the $99 – $109 range.The camera will land first in China during the last quarter of 2016. Later, come to the US in early 2017. 

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