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Air — Smart Home Automation Kit (Made in India)

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Air Smart Home Automation Kit is a brand-new product from Leaf Technologies— a promising start-up from Mumbai — wants to redefine your concept of home automation, by adding the flavor of intelligence! They have been doing great since their initial launch and have been sold out in a couple of months.

It allows you to control all your electronic appliances using your Smartphone. While it’s a common thing for home automation systems, Air differs itself in the ‘thinking’ part. The fascinating feature of Air is that it lets you move from an active control to a passive one in just 21 days where Air keeps you from doing redundant activity with your home appliances, thus saving your time. In short, Air lets you upgrade your lifestyle in a smarter way.

Air app, which is available on both Android and Apple platforms, interacts with your devices and switches them off with a single tap.

The app is complemented with a package that consists of a pentagonal-shaped unit and switchboard module. Once you install air unit; your smartphone can interact with it using the Air App. Thereafter, the unit instructs the switchboard to carry out the action.

air smart home automation kit

Another impressive thing about Air app is its instant notifications! If there’s something you got to know, the app will do that, instantly. Thanks to the presence detection sensor, you will be instantly notified in case of any intrusion in your absence — doesn’t that sound cool? Adding cherry on top of it is: you can even share the app with your friends and family giving them control too.

It provides credible insurance against any eventuality. Air Home Automation Kit is equipped with intelligent sensors that pick up unwanted intrusion and works as a burglar alarm too. An old adage says that prevention is better than cure and the same holds good when you go out to look for a credible insurance for your family. Besides, it is more cost effective to make a one-time investment in this tool than putting your money on various insurances and equipment.

air smart home automation kit

Air is based on learn-from-environment theory and the device is quick-enough to learn your activities and habits. For instance, if you like your AC temperature to be at 24o C when you get home, Air will quickly learn that

Air lets you control all your existing non-smart appliances using an internet-connected Smartphone.

Air is equipped with number of safety features which keeps you informed of any unscheduled activity in your home.

Air gives you information about energy usage and its distribution, so that you have a detailed analysis of which appliance consumes the maximum electricity and how you can reduce it.

Air intends to make your home Smarter, at least when it comes to home appliances you really use! As the company says, it can help you buy time — the time you spend managing your appliances manually.

smart home automation kit

Leaf Technologies have been stunningly keen during the design and development of Air hardware; even the smaller details are noteworthy. With a slim, easy-to-handle Air device and a few switchboard modules create a bond between your existing home appliances letting them talk and interact with each other.

Air is sleekly designed. You can just mount it on your wall and Air would start, in a silent, smooth manner. It comes with various connectivity features; for instance, it has both Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Low Energy to connect and communicate with home appliances. While the capacitive touch surface gives you features like One Touch and Magic Touch (more on them later), its in-built presence detection sensors will keep you updated about the things that matter. Apart from motion sensing capabilities, Air has a bunch of sensors, embedded to the core. They include humidity, brightness and temperature sensors. Also, the pentagon shaped unit is built in with an IR control, which acts as a universal remote control.

air smart home automation kit

Another crucial part of Air is the set of switchboard modules, as they call it. You have to place these small devices just behind the switchboards and Voila!! You have got a smarter home for yourself! Yes, it’s that easy. Now, each of these modules stays in contact with Air, through a Bluetooth LE connection. These modules can receive signals from Air and control, as per your needs.

air smart home automation kit

Apart from the easy-to-set-up hardware of Air, Leaf Technologies offers free installation of the system in your home. The process takes roughly about thirty minutes while you can sit back and relax.


air smart home automation kit


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