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Tag: Virtual reality

Tesseract (Methane) : First 360° 3D Virtual Reality Camera Made In India

Posted in Virtual Reality(VR)

Tesseract is an Indian startup on track for greatness, and instead of making mythical cosmic cubes, they make 360 degree Virtual Reality cameras, which can map any room or location…

Birdly, It’s a Full Body Virtual Reality Flight Simulator

Posted in Technology, and Virtual Reality(VR)

Birdly Virtual Reality Flight Simulator is a research project being conducted at the Zurich University of the Arts. Lecturer Max Rheiner and a small team of students began experimenting with…

This Personal Cardboard Home Cinema That Turns Your Smartphone and Tablet Into a Movie Screen

Posted in Virtual Reality(VR)

Firebox (Cardboard home cinema) offers a kit that folds into a cinema for one, designed to fit over the viewer’s head while they lie down and watch a film in…

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