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Tag: iOS app

Blippar : Visual Discovery App With Image Recognition and Augmented Reality

Posted in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, and Technology

Blippar — Leading visual discovery app using image recognition & augmented reality technologies. Blipp and unlock an interactive experience from the physical world. Discover a whole new world through your…

Socratic Homework App Using Artificial Intelligence

Posted in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Education, and IOS

Socratic Homework app is an education technology company obsessed with helping students. We’re combining the best AI technology with the web’s best educator community to make learning on your phone…

EyeSense and Aipoly Helping The Blind To Recognize Objects

Posted in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and IOS

EyeSense and Aipoly Helping The Blind To Recognize Objects  — First app EyeSense is an Artificial Intelligence application that uses deep learning-based computer vision to recognize objects and special facial features,…

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