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Tag: games

Verne: The Himalayas — Google Maps’ 3D imagery game

Posted in Android Application, Augmented Reality, Game, and Technology

Verne: The Himalayas — Google’s map team has recently launched a unique game entitled “Verne: The Himalayas – Explore 3D Google Maps imagery as a 500 ft Yeti” featuring a…

Google launches ‘Doodle Fruit Games’ for the Rio 2016

Posted in Android Application, Google, and IOS

Doodle Fruit Games — The 2016 Olympic Games open in Rio de Janeiro today, celebrate it by opening the Google app on your phone, tapping on the Google Doodle logo, you…

Inventive PokéDrone gives the power to catch ’em all

Posted in Augmented Reality, Drones, Game, and Technology

Dutch company TRNDlabs developed a device that acts as an external camera and captures Pokemon right where you can’t – the Pokédrone. They appear everywhere. Above the water, in the…

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