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Hp Powerup Backpack : Charging a notebook, smartphone and tablet

Posted in hp

HP Powerup Backpack carries along a backup battery. But it’s not one just suited to your smartphone and smaller devices: the large lithium ion battery within boasts a 22,400mAh capacity, enough to fully charge…

EnergySquare : Small Sticker and Pad Charging Your Phone

Posted in Mobile/Tablet, Technology, and Wireless

Energysquare is a French startup that wants to change the way you charge your electronics: no messy cables, just a thin surface that conducts energy. Energysquare is composed of conductive…

OvRcharge : Levitating Wireless Charger For SmartPhones

Posted in Mobile/Tablet, and Wireless

OvRcharge is the levitating wireless charger for your smartphones. Wireless power transfer is around for years, wireless energy transmitted to  electrical load from a base or transmitter. Energy is sent through…

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