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Moco Ring Watch (Finger Watch or Finger Clock)

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Moco Ring Watch based on japan introduced a Finger Watch [Ring + Clock = finger Clock] is ticking properly practical watch on even so small of your finger.

Moco Ring watch

Moco Ring Watch [ Know the time with a finger]. Gesture to see the clock, but there is also the case that would make it the unpleasant mood by your opponent, because in the case of finger watch that can be confirmed time gesture to take something, in your favorite bidder, during a meeting even people that have confirmed the time to take the documents. Since the person who used in the same sense as the ring, is one of the advantages is also wearing remove that effortless.

Moco Ring watch

In addition, although different weight for each series, and 6g~14g, it is a lightness to forget even that you are wearing. Since the finger watch itself is a rare item in the world, a not be wear with people, this moco ring watch has become miniature as it is watch. It will be great present as a marriage gift.

Moco Ring watch

Moco Ring Watch interior has been using the Movement made in Japan, it is an internal warranty of one year. In addition, most of the places with the exception of movement and the needle-crown, in order to not get is a very small minute off-the-shelf, request has been produced in their own, jewelry such as a crystal to be used in the lens part of the process towards the craftsman to, because it is made by one by one polite handiwork, the fact that can fix not place there is no also has become a strength. Now, they have poised the shop-cum-studio in Tokyo’s Koenji, or asked a point to be worried about when you bring, from the distant receiving your mail, we do maintenance and cleaning of your desired location so, you can patronize a long time.

Various Moco Ring Watch Models:

  1. Round

Size: diameter of about 14 × thickness 7mm (belt width 7mm)
Dial Color: White dial = navy needle / black panel = white needle

Moco Ring watch

2. Square.

Size: horizontal and vertical about 14 × thickness 7mm (belt width 8mm)
Dial Color: White dial = navy needle / black panel = white needle

Moco Ring watch


3. Tonneau

Size: horizontal 12 × vertical 13mm × thickness 7mm (belt width 7mm)
Dial Color: White dial = black needle / black panel = Silver needle

Moco Ring watch

4. Asymmetry

Size: horizontal 12 × vertical 14mm × thickness 7mm (belt width 7mm)
Dial Color: White dial = black needle / black panel = Silver needle

Moco Ring watch

5. Metal Band

Metal band type of finger watch, with the introduction of in this Makuake pre-sale, will be delivered by the end of the year in a limited number ten at a special price of about 26% discount from the sale estimated price. Using fluorescent needle shimmering in the dark, it is a finger watch unisex.

Moco Ring watch

Select item – shape selection: Round (round) / Square (square) / Tonneau (barrel) / Asymmetry (triangle) dial selection: white dial / black board belt color selection: black / brown / camel / green / navy / red ring size selection: Nos. 7 to 23

6.Polish (Jewelry that three kinds of shapes)

[Cadomaru] finger watch you lens processing gems in the “rounded” type, so that hold the stone in four nails, will change the depth of color depending on the viewing angle.

Moco Ring watch

Size: horizontal and vertical about 13mm × thickness 9.5mm Weight: 7g

[Nagamaru] By fasten the jewel in the technique of face down included, it becomes a neat impression, has the effect to show “long round” type long fingers in the shape of the (oval).

Size: horizontal and vertical about 12mm × height 17mm × thickness 7mm Weight: 7g

Moco Ring watch

[Manmaru] finger watch finished as to become a “perfectly round” even when viewed from where is, from an angle other than directly in front, that it can not be recognized only with jewelry since the dial and needle can not be seen. “Watch bonus” is finger watch for anyone who wants. (※ is not suitable form for those who are important visibility.)

Size: diameter of about 13mm × thickness 13mm Weight: 8g

Moco Ring watch

Moco Ring watch

Size adjustments are available for all the models.

For battery life, exchange

Indication of the battery is the same as the one and a half years – about two-and-a-half years and the general of the watch. (Also out the difference by the environment in which it is used.)


Such as silver and gold, enough to go embezzle, we use materials that taste deepens. Usual care, the case parts and metal polish, lens will be using, for example, wiping glasses (stone) part, please keep in a place free of dust. For other maintenance of, because it is possible to repair of each part in addition to battery replacement.

Finger Clock “moco” creator Nakano relaxin

Start from accessories production, at the request of the original watch from the time of the customer, that I learned is in the opportunity, as things that combines the two technologies, we are promoting activities of finger watch brand moco little by little since 2010 year. Rather than simply a tool for knowing the time, special things that go come a life, I hope to become the things that continue to use a long time we have one by one production along with the owner. Finger I am glad if you can now forever our relationship through the clock.

More details:

*This article was translated by Japanese to English from makuake product page*

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