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Category: IOS

Glicode : Children Learn To Program Using Cookies

Posted in Android Application, Camera, and IOS

Glicode, children Learn To Program Using Cookies — Japanese confectionery manufacturer Glico tries a new way to inspire both the programming and kids. The mobile application that uses the camera it…

Google launches ‘Doodle Fruit Games’ for the Rio 2016

Posted in Android Application, Google, and IOS

Doodle Fruit Games — The 2016 Olympic Games open in Rio de Janeiro today, celebrate it by opening the Google app on your phone, tapping on the Google Doodle logo, you…

Artisto App Turns Your Videos into Works of Art

Posted in Android Application, Camera, and IOS

Artisto is a video-editing app that might revolutionize the public’s interface with videos that they make. Created by the Russian internet company Group, Artisto uses neural network processing to recreate users’ videos in…

Microsoft Pix : Artificial Intelligence To Your iPhone’s Camera

Posted in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and IOS

Microsoft Pix has serious intelligence behind the lens, so it can automatically tweak settings for each shot, and immediately enhance your photos, to help people and scenes look their best.…

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