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Month: October 2015

Alto organizes all your email accounts in one place. Let’s give some love!

Posted in Android Application, and Mobile/Tablet

Alto supports all the global email providers, allows you to pull them all together in one inbox, and easily switch between them all in one app. Beyond the usual display…

New Misfit Beddit Sleep Tracker Shows Insights from Sleep Habits

Posted in Android Application, IOS, and Mobile/Tablet

Beddit Sleep Tracker is a band to be placed under the sheets and is nothing more than a microphone ultra sensitive, able to detect your breathing, heartbeat and all movements…

The ION Belt — Portable charging for your phone, through your belt!

Posted in Technology

The Ion belt is new portable charging for your phone, through your belt. It’s lower cost design boasts a larger 3,000 man battery, and the buckle is designed to plug right…

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