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Tag: Education

Socratic Homework App Using Artificial Intelligence

Posted in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Education, and IOS

Socratic Homework app is an education technology company obsessed with helping students. We’re combining the best AI technology with the web’s best educator community to make learning on your phone…

Project Bloks : Designing kits for kids using tangible programming

Posted in Design, Education, and Technology

Project Bloks is a collaboration between Research at Google, Google Creative Lab, Paulo Blikstein (Stanford University) and IDEO. Additional member of design team: Arnan Sipitakiat (Chiang Mai University). What is…

Photon Interactive Robot — Helps Children to Learn Programming.

Posted in Education, IOT, Robots, and Technology

Photon interactive robot — that helps children to take their first steps into the world of programming. Photon was conceived in the minds of Marcin Joka, Michał Grześ, Krzysztof Dziemiańczuk,…

Foldscope : Low Cost Microscope From Prakash Lab Of Stanford University

Posted in Education

Foldscope — Microscope for just 50 cents or 35 rupees. It is a low cost paper microscopy platform for education purposes. The Foldscope Team is made up of Five members from…

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