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iLet : Bionic Pancreas to improve the lives of people with type 1 diabetes

Posted in Medicine

iLet Bionic Pancreas — Beta Bionics, a startup created by Boston University biomedical engineer Ed Damiano, hit the benchmark Wednesday night after 775 members of the public put up an…

Figure 1 Medical Photo-Sharing App For Doctors

Posted in Android Application, IOS, and Medicine

Figure 1, a free medical photo-sharing app for health-care professionals, has been likened to Instagram for its social functions of posting, favoriting and commenting on photos. It’s also a useful learning…

‘Smart’ Thread Collects Diagnostic Data When Sutured Into Tissue

Posted in Medicine

‘Smart’ Thread Collects Diagnostic Data When Sutured Into Tissue — A group of researchers, led by Tufts University engineers, have integrated tiny sensors and electronics into threads to create smart…

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